Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Go Phekk the Phekkin’ Phekk Off!

 Tanks in Glasgow 1919 keeping the annoyingly undead scum in their place.

Just remember UKakos that the Amazon drone will one day be big enough to wheech you away. Nothing has changed except you are now much more vulnerable to the Babelmachine targeting you for a 2am visit 1930sCHEKAstyleee if you dare to think.

One of the constants on the baize gaming table is the removal of peoples from their soil. Now most who have lived on that soil will think it is theirs, they’ve been there thousands and thousands of years in some cases, but the geezers in the Big Room know different, ‘innit?

Once one has wandered through enough “conflict” conflicting made up history and snoozed through enough turgid propaganda and rendered lies about science then some interesting thoughts come to one.

If one were to model a population using ooohhhh…let’s see…..oooo this is difficult…….what could one use……ahhh I know…..all the failed statistical stuff that the Manhattan Barmitzva Project used to try and engineer a massive gin swill and bomb, a Ziobomb designed to kill everyone else on the planet. BTW did you notice that after being rabid, kill all humanity, free people haters all the jewish phukkwitz like Einsteinagogo, Lizard the Szilard and thecommieTexMexspyOppie all went, all of a sudden, peacenik by instruction on us when their secret, for Zionist use only(Roth by protocol), genocidal toy got lifted by others?  Did you notice that? The Samson option is not named so because it suddenly sprang to mind last week like an Ant&Dec phone in swindle. Oh no, yahweh wants that sweet smell of massive death regularly until further notice.

Now the thing that has intrigued me for a long time is not so much the Roth thieves wandering around for decades doing nothing but a parasite dance whilst preparing to kill everyone in Europe, as a prelude to killing everyone in Palestine, I hope you have considered their beauty of a one flash sterilisation final solution to the promised land problem, but their mathematics. I think that, just as we can perceive the hidden maths in their real finance, we can get a look at the calculus used to kill off native persons by examining the fission models developed using population dynamics and probabilities for their fine cuisine voucher generator in the New Mexico desert. Slow neutrons not fast neutrons or thermal neutron but really, really slow neutrons and the critical mass of a population. The trick is that rather than the heavy atoms fissioning, the neutron fissions and becomes super toxic. It can only usually be used once though. Then the host population transforms and dies. Think of yahweh transport as a cryogenic neutron flux. Once critical yahweh mass is reached using fiat money push it goes all mental and it is goodnight Vienna. It is the stealthy sly cryptocreep of death. And infinitely scalable.

Mind you now and again the fast neutrons must be unleashed.

Just to take it to its logical extreme and a revelation, a little more of the maths underlying all this probability density bollox, let us assume that the NWO gets its wet dream, and this scenario must have been gamed by the geezers in the Big Room long ago, and a new moneyless order is established. All is peace because everyone apart form the yahwehdrones is dead, then two and only two things can happen (notice that 2 is an unnatural number and a measure of stasis). One; everyone runs around like a fukkedup C3PO for ever and ever doing nothing awaiting nothing. Two; someone/thing turns up, has a look, and nukes the dump from orbit as a universal prophylactic. Just think of it as a great big abortion clinic from God. For those of you thinking of a third option of getting off planet you just ain’t getting the yahweh gig clearly. So to make sure the abortion clinic doesn’t need to utilise its right to choose, the yahweh clowns, all of them, will be getting retired soon by the geezers at the baize. But not before some more screaming and yelling, for the fat lady has not yet sung on the trampled in front of the temple.

The last things the Big Room salon wants is some sort of Deus ex Machina turning up all Turingstylee, all non zero quantum probability styleee and finding Bibi Nuttyyahoo’s ultraothrodoxretradecendents, the well known genocide, burial plot and coffin salesmen, fronting for planet Earth. Phukk me no!!!

Anyway with that in mind

If we have a look at this.
“Ever since Macedonia decided to restrict their border for migrants trying to make their way into Western Europe, thousands of asylum seekers have been massing at the Greek border with nowhere to go. After weeks of frustration, the migrants recently protested this decision by laying their children down on the railroad tracks that run through the Idomeni refugee camp, and into Macedonia.
Images of the protest were captured over the weekend, and feature the babies and toddlers holding signs that read “open the borders” and “We understood the EU advocates human rights not human trafficking.” Another read “I’m child and might not know much, but I believe treating people disrespectful for being born on the other side of the planet is called: ‘RACISM’.” However, the children were surrounded by their parents when these photos were taken, and they didn’t appear to be any immediate danger.
The protest occurred during Germany’s recent election, which netted impressive gains for the populist and anti-migrant party known as Alternative for Germany. In a sharp rebuke to Angela Merkel’s open door immigration policy, Germans came to the polls in droves to vote for the AfP, winning them seats in half of the country’s state parliaments. It’s safe to say that regardless of the outcome of this protest in Greece, these refugees won’t be receiving a warm welcome in Germany any time soon.”
Delivered by The Daily Sheeple
Then look at this.

“While traveling by train to Pretoria, Gandhiji experienced his first taste of racial discrimination. Inspite of carrying first class ticket, he was indiscriminately thrown out of the train by the authorities on the instigation of a white man.

Gandhiji's reaction was that of `David confronting the Goliath of racial discrimination.

Instead of fleeing from the seen, Gandhiji stayed back - for 21 years to fight for rights of the Indians in South Africa. By May 1894, he had organized the Natal Indian Congress. In 1896, he returned to India and enlisted support from some prominent Indian leaders. He then returned to South Africa with 800 free Indians. Their arrival was met with resistance and an inflamed mob attacked Gandhiji physically. Gandhiji exercised `self-restraint'. His philosophy of winning the detractors with the peaceful restraint had begun.

It yielded fruit. Under pressure from the British government the attempt to disfranchise Indians in South Africa was abandoned.

With the outbreak of the Boer war in 1899, Gandhiji enlisted 1100 Indians and organized the Indian Ambulance Corps for the British. Inspite of the Indian support, the Transvaal Asiatic Department continued its anti-Indian regulations. Gandhiji chose to support the British as he felt, "The authorities may not always be right but as long as the subjects owe allegiance to the state, it is their clear duty to...accord their support".

Gandhiji was now the recognised leader of South Africa's Indian community. By1901,he returned to India with his family. He travelled extensively in India and even opened a law office in Bombay. However, South African Indians refused to part with their crusader of justice.

He had to return to South Africa on the request of the Indian community in 1902.

By 1903, Gandhiji had begun to lead a life of considerable discipline and self-restraint. He changed his dietary habits, he was his own doctor, he embraced the Gita and he was confronting untouchability. By 1906, after undergoing many trials and tribulations of self-abnegation and eventually brahmacharya (celibacy), he had became invincible to face the South African government. Except God, Gandhiji feared nothing.

Influenced by John Ruskin's preaching of rustic life, Gandhiji organized Phoenix Farm near Durban. Here he trained disciplined cadres on non-violent Satyagraha (peaceful self-restraint), involving peaceful violation of certain laws, mass courting of arrests, occasional hartal, (suspension of all economic activity for a particular time), spectacular marches and nurtured an indomitable spirit which would fight repression without fear.

In Sept 1906, he organized the first satyagraha campaign in protest against the proposed Asiatic ordinance directed against Indian immigrants in Transvaal. While in June 1907, he organized satyagraha against compulsory registration of Asiatics (The Black Act).

In 1908, Gandhiji had to stand trial for instigating the satyagraha. He was sentenced to two months in jail (the first time), however after a compromise with General Smuts he was released. Out of jail he was attacked for compromising with General Smuts. Unfortunately, Smuts broke the agreement and Gandhiji had to relaunch his satyagraha.

In 1909, he was sentenced to three months imprisonment in Volkshurst and Pretoria jails. After being released, he sailed for England to enlist support for the Indian community.

In 1913, he helped campaign against nullification of marriages not celebrated according to Christian rights. He also launched his third satyagraha campaign by leading 2000 Indian miners across the Transvaal border. By December, he was released unconditionally in hope of a compromise.

Gandhiji's ahimsa (non-violence) had triumphed. Victory came to Gandhiji not when Smuts had no more strength to fight him but when he had no more heart to fight him. Much later General Smuts declared that men like Mahatma Gandhi redeem us from a sense of commonplace and futility and are an inspiration to us not to weary in well doing....'”

“Sixteen Dead Men

O but we talked at large before
The sixteen men were shot,
But who can talk of give and take,
What should be and what not
While those dead men are loitering there
To stir the boiling pot?

You say that we should still the land
Till Germany’s overcome;
But who is there to argue that
Now Pearse is deaf and dumb?
And is their logic to outweigh
MacDonagh’s bony thumb?

How could you dream they’d listen
That have an ear alone
For those new comrades they have found,
Lord Edward and Wolfe Tone,
Or meddle with our give and take
That converse bone to bone?

– W. B. Yeats
THE ‘SIXTEEN DEAD MEN’ about whom Yeats wrote his poem in the aftermath of the Easter Rising were a diverse group. Ranging in age from 25 to 58, their occupations included headmaster, tobacconist, poet, railway clerk, university lecturer, printer, humanitarian, water bailiff, art teacher, silk weaver, corporation clerk, farmer, trade union leader, bookkeeper, chemist’s clerk and newspaper manager.
Two of the leaders were born outside Ireland: Thomas Clarke in the unlikely location of a British Army barracks on the Isle of Wight, James Connolly in the Irish ghetto of Edinburgh. Some had complicated national and religious identities: Patrick and Willie Pearse were the sons of an English stone carver, Thomas MacDonagh’s mother was the daughter of English parents, Roger Casement was raised a Protestant but secretly baptised a Catholic by his mother, and John MacBride was the son of an Ulster-Scots Protestant from Co Antrim. Others had close links with the institutions of British imperialism that they would later fight against: Michael Mallin and James Connolly were former soldiers in the British Army, Éamonn Ceannt was the son of a Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) constable and Roger Casement had been knighted for his services as a British consul exposing the dark side of the rubber trade in the Congo and Peru.

This group of men, who participated in an armed rebellion against British rule in Ireland in April 1916, came to the point of insurrection by a variety of pathways. For many of them, their revolutionary instinct had developed at a young age. Thomas Kent was in his early twenties when he was imprisoned for his activities with the Land League in Co Cork in the late nineteenth century, Michael O’Hanrahan grew up hearing stories of his ancestors’ involvement in the 1798 rebellion in Co Wexford, Edward Daly was born into a Limerick family prominent in the Fenian movement, Con Colbert and Seán Heuston were members of the nationalist youth organisation Na Fianna Éireann, and Seán Mac Diarmada’s republican politics were nurtured by his national schoolteacher, who provided him with books on Irish history.
For some, the declaration of an Irish Republic on 24 April 1916 was the culmination of a lifetime’s struggle. Thomas Clarke had become active in the secret revolutionary organisation the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) as a young man and had served 15 years’ imprisonment for his involvement in the preparations for a Fenian bombing campaign in Britain; James Connolly had devoted his adult life to improving conditions for working people in Scotland, Ireland and America, and was a long-standing advocate of the establishment of a socialist Irish republic. But for others, the conversion to radical nationalism came late. Patrick Pearse was a speaker at a pro-Home Rule rally as late as March 1912, Éamonn Ceannt’s nationalist activities were mostly confined to the Irish language movement until he was elected to the Provisional Committee of the Irish Volunteers in November 1913, while Thomas MacDonagh was not co-opted onto the Supreme Council of the IRB until shortly before the Easter Rising.

The condemned men 
Seven of the executed leaders of the rebellion sealed their fate by signing the Proclamation of the Irish Republic shortly before the outbreak of the Rising. The document, which declared ‘the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland’ and which guaranteed ‘religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens’, was read aloud by Patrick Pearse outside the General Post Office (GPO) on Sackville Street (now O’Connell Street) shortly after noon on Easter Monday. Pearse was president of the provisional government and commander-in-chief of the army of the Irish Republic. He was accompanied by Thomas Clarke, the mastermind of the rebellion, who was invited to be the first signatory of the Proclamation in deference to his contribution to the Fenian movement since the late 1870s.

Also present was James Connolly, a fellow signatory and commandant-general of the forces of the Irish Republic in Dublin. Two other signatories were also stationed in the GPO, the headquarters of the rebel forces: Joseph Plunkett, the military strategist of the rebellion, was dying from tuberculosis, and Seán Mac Diarmada, Clarke’s right-hand man, whose involvement in the action was restricted by lameness in his right leg, caused by a bout of polio. The remaining two signatories were in command of outposts in the south-west of Dublin city. Thomas MacDonagh, commandant of the 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade of the Irish Volunteers, saw relatively little action at his position at Jacob’s biscuit factory on Bishop Street. By contrast, Éamonn Ceannt, commandant of the 4th Battalion, was involved in intense fighting during Easter Week at the South Dublin Union, a workhouse and hospital complex in the Rialto area of the city.

For the other executed men, the extent of their involvement in the planning of the uprising and their participation in it varied greatly. Edward Daly, like MacDonagh and Ceannt, held the position of commandant of a Volunteer battalion, but he did not learn of the plans for the Easter Rising until the Wednesday before it was due to take place. His rank as commandant of the 1st Battalion, positioned in the area surrounding the Four Courts, ensured that his death sentence was carried out. Likewise Michael Mallin, who held the rank of commandant in Connolly’s Irish Citizen Army (ICA), faced the firing squad for his role in leading the rebel forces who seized the Royal College of Surgeons on St Stephen’s Green during Easter Week.

John MacBride was a veteran Fenian, but his alcoholism and humiliating divorce from Maud Gonne made him an outcast in republican circles and he was not involved in the planning of the Rising. His chance encounter with Irish Volunteers as they assembled at St Stephen’s Green on Easter Monday, while he was on his way to his brother’s wedding, saw him given command of outposts in the south-west of Dublin city.

All 14 rebels who were executed as a result of their participation in the Easter Rising in Dublin were shot in the Stonebreakers’ Yard at Kilmainham Gaol. Elsewhere, Thomas Kent faced a firing squad at Cork Detention Barracks and Roger Casement was hanged at Pentonville Prison in London. Although Kent faced the same charge as the Dublin men – participating in an armed rebellion – he was not a leader of the Easter Rising and there was little or no rebel activity in Co Cork in April 1916. His execution was the result of a military raid on the Kent family home at Bawnard, during which a member of the RIC was fatally wounded. Roger Casement’s involvement in the Easter Rising was over before the rebellion had even started. Casement had been working in Germany to raise support for a rebellion in Ireland and was arrested on Banna Strand, Co Kerry on Good Friday 1916, after an attempt to land arms for the rebellion failed. His hanging at Pentonville on 3 August 1916 brought to an end the executions of those involved in the Easter Rising.

The events that sparked the rebellion

The rebellion, which started in Dublin on 24 April 1916, was the outcome of a series of events that had begun with the introduction of a Home Rule Bill in the House of Commons on 11 April 1912 by the British prime minister, Herbert Asquith. This was the third attempt to legislate for self-government for Ireland since 1886. However, this time it appeared the efforts of the Liberal Party and their allies in government, the Irish Parliamentary Party, would be successful. The House of Lords had lost its power of veto on bills from the House of Commons in August 1911, and now the way was clear for the enactment of the Home Rule Bill within two years of its passing.
The proposed introduction of Home Rule prompted strong opposition in parts of Ulster, with protests concentrated in the four counties in the north-east of the province. The majority unionist, Protestant population there was outraged by what they perceived as a threat to the union of Great Britain and Ireland. On 28 September 1912, Ulster Day, half a million people signed the Ulster Solemn League and Covenant, pledging to oppose the introduction of Home Rule. By the end of the year a volunteer militia, the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), had formed to oppose Home Rule, by force if necessary.

The formation of the UVF prompted nationalists in the south of Ireland to imitate the Ulster unionists by setting up their own military force. The Irish Volunteers was founded at a meeting at the Rotunda Rink in Dublin on 25 November 1913. Unlike the UVF, however, their aim was to defend the introduction of Home Rule in Ireland.” http://www.thejournal.ie/readme/easter-rising-1916-1679986-Sep2014/

Now I do not want you getting all confused by the diversity and inclusivity of those three vignettes above. Yahweh and his fake money are the most diverse and inclusive equal opportunity psychopathic killers you could wish, for they are blind to race, gender, psychopathology, creed, persuasion, mental unhingedness and AI. They couldn’t care what you are and where you come from, what you look like or even if you are alive, just so long as you serve them exclusively without thinking for yourself.

Simply observe that the natives were put down by the pharmacy in one instance and in the other two a load of trouble makers who never seem to do anything other than staged incidents, try sitting on the Dublin to Belfast line and see where you get if your name is Mick, get trafficked around courtesy of the Empire/BIS/DAVOS/Bilderberg travel agency SAGmbHplc.

Remember that all this, which spans 150 years, is/was happening because the geezers have already scaled up their plans to make all that occurs to us seem isolated and unconnected. Our main event of any decade is a small eddy in their 500 years faith/fake/merc plan. A century was just a blink in the multi-millenial restoration. Just as it seems to us that Will i am of O rang e the Un washed Du Llard, Ho Chi Minh the famous Roth sous chef, Stalin the famous Roth bankrobber and Che the famous Roth bodiceripping murderer seem to have dominated so much attention space they are but bit players amplified in their effects by step up MSM breeders. Well financed short lived thermal neutrons bouncing around the tamper cascading death.

The atoms of all the original native inhabitants that they came into contact with were all killed off. Alchemically changed from alive atoms to dead atoms. Replaced by universal short half life Frankensteinium. In death everyone is diverse and one great big inclusive pile of manure.

Mind you not one exotic neutron will exist once yahweh’s strange attractor money is turned off but by then humanity will have been transformed. That is their 10,000 years coherent prayer of course.

What a bunch of high spin assholes.

Just keep the pharmaceuticals dry.