Thursday, 11 September 2014

9/11 Jump-room to UNOOSA

If you can have a highly paid clown, who arranged for a geezer to be facing Mecca whilst at prayers in freefall at vast expense, sipping the finest that can be provided, scoffing the most epicurean of repasts everyday and nightly enjoying the after glow of the joys of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s arts via the Directorship of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) awaiting first contact by phukk knows who. If that Office has a full staff and budget in the real world then one can be justified in taking the Official Report on 9/11 and using every expensively contrived page of fiction to wipe one’s arse with for the rest of the year.

If in UKplc police can arrest children who are being raped and sexually trafficked instead of arresting the perps à la CHEKA/STASIstylee, the BBC and UK government is full of politically correct murderers and cheerleaders à la young COMINTERN/SOVIETS there is only one thing to conclude.

The world is truly in the hands of the wasting bastards of the eternal satanic vomitorium of 1984.

Both the UNOOSA and 9/11 are clear evidence that we are not dealing with any breakaway civilisation contrary to what the June conference, that took place this year in mentalist engineered California, would like us to believe. What we have is the continuation of the separation of people into two groups, those who want to do nothing all day and us. Those sitting around talking bollox and those tilling the fields.

Once again real life proves economists to be simply lying barsted fuckedwitz with equation envy. For there is indeed a constant free lunch to be had if one can be relied upon to talk or write bollox all day aimed at public confusion through deployment of the MSM bamboozletron. So GGTF Milton. Go put your small differentials down and try handling a meaningful Eigen function, yaa Kaahnt!

So we feel fully justified in once again cranking up the forensics story telling engine to have a quick wander through the fall out of the WTC complex. For simplicity I will collapse the 9 operations discussed during the Pantechnikon series into three types with a cheap and cheerful summary. Tactical, operational and strategic. Then on to the grist to the Hamlet’s Mill.

13 years out and the tactical level is quite simply a Jewish Fire Insurance scam, the only way to get the merc base at RCE/TA to do something.

The operational level is a bankrupting of the USofA corp. completely and exhaustion of the last bastion of the stupid idea of freedom.

Strategically the shift from the west to the east as a centre of human development signalled by the destruction of WTC complex and DC power centres.

That much is clear and I could not give a flying one whether it was achieved by Canaan Banana on a magic carpet or nanoveggiemite on rye bread delivered at hypervelocity mammogram.

The Cui Bono is quite clear as always. RCE/TA gets to dump USofA corp. as it pivots out of the freedom loving bollox and gets back into its natural age old peer group of slavers and murderers in Arabia and ChiComm zentral. I mean who could possibly believe that anything stemming from a belief in Moses’ bollox could be other than a murderous modus. Good link at his nibs place to show what Russian’s thought about Moses’s psycho bollox in 1918.

“The Russian Orthodox Church and her faithful were profoundly offended by Kiko-Bolshevik anti-Christian propaganda and legislation, and took their discontent onto the city streets.This clip features a defiant procession on St. Nikolai's Day, 1918, at the Nikolskii Gates of Red Square. Heading the procession is Patriarch Saint Tikhon of Moscow, who was later killed by the Kike government.”

So far so good. However there was a great big fly in the oink oinkment on 9/11. Someone hijacked the hijacking of drills.

Bearing in mind that the planners were at this for years before hand getting their players in place. Both the deep state actors fronted by Bush senior itching for a chance to bomb the world into peace and the Jewish Fire Insurance mob getting their soldiers into position to steal stacks of cash and property like Lucky Larry and Rabbi Dov 767. Bearing in mind that their support actors were briefed to take over all groups who raised and eye brow and noted the inevitable inconsistencies after the event. Bearing in mind the Odigo network would have been fully warmed up to keep members of the psychogogue of Shaitan on gardening leave when any operation kicked off, bearing in mind that everything must have been gamed for years and decades before hand. Something big went wrong. Not a minor glitch like the nonethermite was a damp squib or the NYFB was stood down. No, something massive turned up and put the frighteners on the clever boys from RCE/LC.

At the epicentre only two of the targets got hit by imaginary made manifest flying fuel air weapons. One of them didn’t get struck by an MSM missile. The MSM got verily phukked up when the towers then disappeared.

So having scripted the MSM covering fire to deliver sustained for effect for 3 buidlings, there was a gaping hole in the narrative. What should have been a three plane building take down by controlled demolition disguised as plane strikes actually turned into a two building disappearing act with one of the targets still standing in rude health.

You can imagine the panic in Moshe’s MSM Circus and Money Changing Shop. Such luminaries as Abe, Jamie, “Doing God’s Work” Lloyd and Rupert Murdoch screaming in their best phukking joined up at their minions. “What the fuck happened to the script you phaaaakkSSSS!! Get on the cunting trombone and find out what faaakkkiiinnn ‘appened.”

Various calls would have been made to wet teams to start two tapping possible weak actors and then the call would have been received from on high that theirs was a Deus ex machine in play.

Maximum effort in obfuscation and diversion whilst the situation was resolved. Keep the scum occupied and in the dark whilst the day was saved and the fuckup in the plan made clearer.

If the day had gone to plan would anything be different today 13 years later?

No. The Deus ex machine was simply moderating the rate of progress, giving the over exuberant and aberrant children a clip across the back of the legs. USofA corp. is now turning into the China of 600 years ago. Through a perceived act of God it is removing itself into isolation. The Berlin Wall now surrounds USofA corp.

As for us the plan has worked completely. How else does one think that the names on the lists of those to be taken away for a tantric head treatment by Blokhin were compiled? Years and years of association that is how. Every profession, every church, every meeting place had its paid spy harlot compiling and watching, reporting back on who said what to whom and when.

Ever wondered why Arsebook and Faceache are owned and run by list compilers and opinion stealers of the Arc of the Coven? Ever wonder why USofA corp. has got its NSA CHEKA Homeland Security funded?

Where will USofA corp.’s Katyn Wood be?