Friday, 1 February 2019

Psychotic Cwimmique Masturbance

Morgoth's Review: Why Did Journalists Become So Hated?: In my new video I take at look the phenomenon of hating journalists. Have we always held journalists in such low regard that we cheer wit...

Over half a century of fanny staring and even now it hasn’t dawned that getting phukked over the altar by your alter not knowing you are a temple whore is a signature of phukkwittery denial in the midst of 5th  column filth and socially justified sqaulor.

After six gazzillion googleplexes of words scribbling nothing has been written of meaningful intercourse. The silent scream of their gastaltdisability and actionable inability deafens the world.

Even if you shone a billion candlepower searchlight up their sacredchuffs you will find nothing but duckfart echoes. Barmey barren empty vessels letting the swollen mastitic teat of free talmudvouchers phukk them in the ass over and over and over again as is their right.

Forget coding yaahkhaants, go dig up some tubers you over pampered rets.


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