Sunday, 21 October 2018

Worm eaten men o war........

MIRAGEC14: Boeing won’t deliver first USAF'S KC-46 aerial-ref...: Boeing won’t deliver its first KC-46 aerial-refueling tanker by month’s end as it had agreed, according to U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather ...

I've done it before and I'll do it again. Unfair comparo from history presents......

If you cannot get a volkswagen beetle on the road when you were the geezers who put the things on the road then something is up.

As I remarked over at Needlez place, prole tech is going backwards under club of rome plan.

Systems=flys into tall builings
Crew=commanded by KomBrigs
Airforce=staffed by RothCominternagents

It isn't just the USAF. RAF is going after an even more primitive airframe/engine combo and it is run by chinless, spineless Rothwar Komcriminals!!!

I know it is unfair but the end result of a gazzillion dollars of spending is that everything defended successfully through to 1990 has been trashed such that a determined team of swamp Smurfs could take over the place by having themselves delivered by UBER.

And that would be an inside job if the skanksters could make a buck out of it and reduced everyone to phurtherphukkwittery.

Only the Brabazon committee, even Junkers self corrected to EF130, got it so wrong.