Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Long sleeper nations.......

The newest bestest chums of the Rothfirebase, well let's just say the breeding mares are kept out of the story, have been on recon now for over a decade. Notice there have been no, repeat no, druze/hezbollah/feinian truck bombs delivered to them unlike the US Marines sojourns.

If you know your HarvardTrotskyist economics then that means the business strategies of the two parties are completely harmonised.

So the recent driveling, delivered in USofA corp, from the UK Defence boybitch about changing the world can only mean that the new doze of change management is about to burst forth under massive gulag holiday offers.

Otherwise known as economic equation normalisation.

China Defense Blog: FN-6 MANPAD of the Free Syria Army: Few days ago, Patrick posted: Patrick said...     Meanwhile, in Syria:     Chinese FN-6 used to down Syrian Hip.     http://www.youtube.c...


Another fool navigator unaware of Roth/Sass landtheft. Why does Trump keep reminding me of Admiral Horthy?



Just noticed this from Penny.


Wherever the Firebase goes the slaver kingdom will follow and a cover narrative is needed.

It would not be too far fetched to point at the NATO, soon to be handed over, ABM silos and the Arrow ABM in the firebase act as a shield for the slaver kingdom, yes that means the med will be closed, should Europe ever wake up to the massive piss take orchestrated against them this passed 100 odd years. Especially ever since Heinreich Kissmyerseinger arranged extraction of tribute via the petrodollar.