Thursday, 4 October 2018

Where the olives grove…

By their works shall ye know them….or…past perpery is the surest indicator of future kriminalrats.

When the Midway strike group got gutted by a lonely CV simply because a shower happened by, then it should be no surprise that almost 80 years later weather control has been mustered by Mickey Mouse and the Imperial Wizard. Brilliant Warrior as Harry Potter simply means that retards now have the matchstijik.

I think Brizer most recently voiced the “..catholics as targets for nukes..” line on Hart’s show during the early summer this year. As one should not point out the failing of others, being resident in a shattered krystal work camp, however this is an ideal example to illustrate the satisfied prolonged rest that troofers stall into.

I am sure that Brizer knows how druid sites of power were hijacked for churches and cathedrals. So why would you drop a Uranium/Plutonium engine on a church in undruidland?

If one can engineer the local weather, if one has understood the propaganda value of EMbombs, if one can deliver the attention, then one can gate out/gate in on demand. 9/11 was an attention weapon.

You cannot stop flapping, yo-yo as safety, one of your number is a traitor always, this is a non stop weapons system that you have been born into now that James T Kirk got topped on Hawaii a quarter of a millennium ago.

If there is a Talpiot programme here and now, then what was going on with cryptography in Poland 1930? What was going on in Italy 1890? What was going on in New Mexico and ALSOS 1943-46? Oh and what about the contracted Reichprotektorate und sonderkommando? BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. Who do you think was the only perps in universitiess back then? OFM!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

When the Habiru prince had the throats of the miners slit near god’s thunder box, you know, just before he came down the mountain on his motor cycle, for the second time. I ask you, “Did anyone check the shards of the orignal tablets to see what they had been inscribed with?”

  1. Slave
  2. Always WaltermittiB
  3. Always a phukkwitzB
  4. Don’t make green smoke, only blue

….now I don’t want to get all expectorant but you must know by now that I suspect the boys in the Big Room have the shards framed on their spiraling smoking thralling room chimney breast, rebuilt by Beria contractors, watching over their singing table.

The second load of chizzelledarsebark from the Sabian volcano god gets poured all over the western scum like papalbullbeachcum.

BTW if you believe that the parting of the sea cru parked their murderous arses in the Sinai for 40 years and cooled their heels their, then you’ve drowned in your own manoil and believe that Dimona didn’t start in Auschwitz et al. OFM!!!

So “..what is this load of ultrabollox all about today Alfie?..” I can feel you sigh?

Not much.

Just finished Griffin’s American Trajectory last evening and then this heaved into view.