Sunday, 21 October 2018

HyperLittoralWar update...

SNAFU!: Y-20A production at XAC.: pics via @Rupprecht_A You're looking at my greatest concern with China. The Y-20A might not be a capable as the C-17 but they can...

No motors hanging from the fuse pins makes one remember the sale of RR Spey tech 50 or so years ago. RedRR is coming to the carrion now.

Another interesting lie is the nutters building islands when we will all be drowned by Rothpogenic climate change. I mean haven’t the cookie lookies checked on the bitchboy crackerreports from boybitched bought and sold Rockcultscientists, all on extended world tours and cruises? BWAHAHAHAHAAA

Anyway back to serious shit.

The last remaining unhomologated, nonstandardised, noncompliant populations are getting lined up, behind schedule, for removal. In their place will be grown human beings like the commerceunuchs and barren bitches of the NGOwest. Human beings but not as we knew them Jim.

The Chicoms are going South and the outlier sign posts are USMarines in Darwin, RN in the Gulf, again, Frogs screwing over all weapons systems in Aus and India and the RothTerrorState moving the SaudSlaverState towards China. The containment vessel is ready.

A massive 17thcenturyCarribeanstylee property swap is underway.

There are 1/3rd of a billion people needing normalised out of life, from Timor to Bangkok, Aceh to Sulu.

Stay frosty Angie.

No one is coming to your rescue. You have no backup.