Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 19.

As has been mentioned here on several occasions there is a simple method for working out where the next round of trouble is about to be hatched by RCE/LC. All one does is check the origins of those who get taken by the slighthand of the VazBooth&Cu, Romance Attorney’s at Westminsterfraud, on the yellow brick road. Didn’t you know all Laandahn Tahn’s pavimientos are golden Dick? Or have you got glansanal dementia alacrens in mens in camera? Once one has clocked the numbers arriving via OxfarmhandNGMO@Heathrow one has a handle on where the next gunfire and sniper has been plotted.

Or one could make a bed check on the long term sleeper agents awaiting the call to repay noblesse obliguestyleee. So have a wander through the grad/post grads lists from CamFord and match with nationalist movements for a good indicator of deep lime filled pits in the wildernesses soon, agent cointreau, IED and IUD medicines sans frontiers and killer interrornationals.(Just after I scribbled that line yesterday, CANNONFIRE popped this one out

and would yer believe yer apples and pears I named the bint as a likely agent, from associations and profile, to a buddy of mine last Saturday as we strolled around Trent Park. FhukkMee!!)

Remember. Past behaviour is the surest indicator of future performace.

So it is no surprise that here in the smoke I have lots of new Slav plumbers, ISIS shop keepers and PKK satay wielders. and the fact that this Sunday the Australian prime minister remarked about Bay of Bengal Burmese Boat Persons, diversity non compliant you will notice, needing pick up and Australia was all of a sudden in a Song for Europe with such bastions of Western culture like Zionland of Yahweh of CryptoSkrypto States RCE/TA and Azerbarbarianistan is an indicator of things to come down Obi Wan’s Kwai Bridge way.

Like North Korea, another WW2 nuke relic, Burma has been left fallow under western sanction for a purpose.

Just like Germany 1933.

Anyway let us get back to the narrative of the forensics here. Kind of jaCSInory for the fucked off and bewildered detective at rest. The clues are out there disguised within lies, hidden in truth, ignored and buried, unrecognised and occulted. It is a toxic brew and no one can be bothered going around finding them because in the aggregate it really does not matter to humanity if it lives a lie. Does it? One of the phase damping effects of a constant applied Roveian narrative is sorting the wheat from the chaff. To be engaged is to deselect one’s self. Do you seriously think that anyone in the billionaire range gives a flying one? No. They are too busy snuffing lady boys up the chocolate highway writhing in the surf on exclusive virgin beaches. Only those who want to do more with life are too poor to do anything meaningful in scale.

So in order to put a perspective on what is happening today we shall plough back into the past. Everything is reversed in reality but the truth and the first guide to antiRoveian narratives is to stop looking for whatever it is you are searching. Use the Jung and feel the farce. The Yahweh is definitely out there.

The Nazi’s and ZIONist Yahwehists both sought to build nukes in the only country capable of doing so. The Reich und Protektorate. Each hoping to put one over on the other. That is what the whole holohoax fabrication seeks to hide. Over at the FG site una persona con necesidades especiales

raises its ugly head to utter the usual bollox. Mmmmm. Let us see ma amiga. Previous actions by the temporarily stationary jewish population in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Bessarabia, Karelia and assorted places Eastward indicate that murdering Soviet cadres infest that demographic waiting for the Red Murder Army to arrive at the border. So when NKVD/CHEKA murder divisions arrive within ear shot of your country in 1940 or 1944 the wise administration ships the threatening demographic far away from their temptation to turn all murderous skrypto on the defenceless civilians of your own country.

Simples, simpleton.

However it is not within these traitorous gypsies that we seek the engineers, scientists, technicians and workers on contract to IGFarben, AEG and SS kibitzes who were getting all skilled up in Nukefab before transfer to Dimona post 1943. George Soros would never have been seen dead near a worthless thief.

That is another of the, AND mark my words here, another of the obfuscations perpetuated by some so, in fact most, called reviled revisionists. Ergo we have a tell for agents at work out in the wastelands. The 1944 movements are used to shit diamonds all over the collaboration long before that year by Soros and Soroslike recruiters of talent for the SS.

Ever wondered why the SS and the non ersatz-Elies and gold standard criminals were all tattooed?