Thursday, 15 August 2019

Cold Cod Wars..where's the Jimmy C?

In the primitive world to come for the Feral Eloi, certain stone aged features, which simply get glossed over by every age of undulated discovery, will reassert themselves naturally, since these are the default conditions of habitability here on the rock.

e.g. One thing never remarked upon by the alt and unalt, the JISM and MSM, the gaping arsed cacophonous stream of dysenteric, is that Jeffrey the gook was a harem keeper and slaver and his offalbedo feminist temple whores loved the freedom to prosper and practice their stone aged pleasure factors just like the good old days on the caravans when North Africa was a lush and pleasant bread basket from Sheba to Atlanta.

So let’s use the clarity of seeing the rock worshipping degenerates and limited instruction set mutes for what they are to suggest what is coming next, again.

If one strings together the pearls of explosions and mishaps recently evidenced in the Russian arctic, from the crab fishers near Dutch Harbour over to the PQ receiving ports, then the arc will continue into Iceland.

The BBC have been through there regularly checking with their mulatto stooges that the demo charges are primed, just like Iran in 1952/53, so do not be surprised when the good persons there find themselves starved out. It is what we do best.

If, for those reading here who are made to pay for/ tolerated anywhere in NATO/NOAH/OTAN/SATANgulaglandia, especially the turds kept fresh in talpUKestan, you don’t know that you are being kept in a totally bitched paddling pool where the lifeguards have instructions to gun you down should you stop balancing cisballs and transpins on your noses for the delight of the never to be seen audience. Or should your masters tire of your performing and decide it is curtains time for your bare, starving arse.


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