Wednesday, 21 August 2019

A short note on intentional obsolescence for failure

SNAFU!: Taiwan approved to purchase F-16Vs...the configura...: via FlightGlobal. The Trump administration has approved the sale of new Lockheed Martin F-16Vs to Taiwan, a long considered decision th...

“Coram’s story follows Boyd after graduation to Eglin AFB in the Florida panhandle where “40-Second Boyd” begins a new form of combat. Boyd asserts that the USAF is producing the wrong fighters. The USAF mantra of “bigger, faster, and heavier” is a failed doctrine being brutally proven in Southeast Asia, where lighter, cruder but more agile MiGs are shooting down bigger, faster, heaving F-4s and F-105s.Coram picks up two men who will become ardent supporters of Boyd, the first of whom Coram refers to as the six Acolytes, men who will stand by Boyd to reshape many facets of the U.S. military. All six Acolytes will pay high prices for their association with Boyd, as does Boyd’s family.Thomas Christie, the first Acolyte and a civilian, gets Boyd access to government computers after Boyd has been refused access by another civilian. Later, when Boyd presents his findings, he is charged with theft of government property — computer time — but Boyd’s findings are so controversial and irrefutable, the charges are dropped. This illustrates another of Coram’ s themes: Just when it appears that finally someone is going to hang on to Boyd’s six and hose him, someone seemingly comes out of nowhere to save Boyd’s butt.”

Northrop had even better ideas on knife fighting so we can include the even more ancient F/A-18 in this microlight exampled by Iran’s twin tailed offering.

I do like doing this so dooo indulge me again.

This farknews is a bit like the geezers in 1940 strapping themselves into Spitfires draughted and hammered together by Clydesidesteampunks in 1880. So can we glean how successful the Club of Rome have been in halting human progress and freedom by this conspiracyspicyfruit wrote here and wrought now.

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