Friday, 14 June 2019

Constant Contagion or Handed Canker

Have you ever been deepen and deep in the clouds over the clear loch?

No you have not, not with me over Otter Ferry. I spent a summer in the clouds there listening to B52s and A6s screaming thought the water ingestion. Ups the impulse. Digging the peat is just a long trench. Putting trees for no reason but a tax break is carbon tax as fumes.

Having been parked here in the easyjet borough, within the great coffin of dearth, a glaring oddity has been so clear that nob one has noticed. It is like a missed Ron Jeremy sticking out of David’s cocksocket. No one is supposed to wonder at the huge hands because from the perspective leased to us we cannot phantom what a major tumescence should be staring at all in sundry, in full view, but no one knows it is there. No one is really able to put their bi cameral minds into focus and see the enormous engorged stiffy poking everyone’s eye out.

It, this pert petri shitehole, is now a country where one does nothing but whore, thieve and fool. It is the default setting for barphingfecalpukonomics. Since everybody of paper in circulation is a fake harlot’s lot. That is correct in order to eat one must let one’s shitter get phukked by the printed failures. There is to be no other activity permitted by the stone arse age arse retards that have always stolen as reflex.

Take a good look around here in the continuity of oligarchy shithole, everything has failed. Absolutely nothing works. Why? Because of retards at the industrial scale currency forging and counterfeiting centre, life style as Lamarckian choice to deal death. These khaants rejoice at their unknown murder by issue as onanism. Viewed as a disease or infection then the corrective action would be to napalm the counting houses and DDT the freaks infesting and hanging out there.

Unemployment and faux tutelage of the useless cartouche chizzlers is the norm.

Do you remember the slave markets run out of the backward thieving shithouse in Venice?

Ever wondered why all that we bereave is shirt lifted? Like a spell checker foundering all  odds. It is just like pencil whipping, pistol and petrol whipping.


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