Sunday, 24 June 2018

Contracted Kills

As I was wandering through the other bloggershops’s drafts section I came across an old draught that eventually forced itself into reality’s ubend on

That was 7 years ago. I reread the initial pushing and here is the addendum with 365 weeks worth of 20/20 hind sight and gazillions of hours of recalibrating the sights and sites.

Although this shouty, sweary and rancid swill pool tends to the extreme in its immoderate and intemporate language there will never be a word printed here desecrating the memory of all those who fell from the sky so that I could sit here talking bollox. When I stand amongst their gravestones I know that better people than I could ever be gave it all and although the words here may contrive to give offence those of you who’ve been here since the beginning, 2 years ago now, know that this is a three part namshub. It is getting called out. It cannot refuse, for to do so would consign it to oblivion. The very best that it can hope for is another untidy draw. Well this time sunshine you are getting booted so far out of touch that oblivion will seem a near neighbour. You completley useless evil entity.

I think the namshub is at work and just as the eeviloids can demonstrate, in their recruitment media, successes to the empty vessels the dreys’ have draughted, so we can point to some absolute beezers that have manifest over the very recent past.

In the best tradition that Maxwell and Agoston would understand from the glory days of AP feeds and unfakenewsable mintruth, sources have provided the following vignette….

It has been reported that just before the 25th hour on the 33rd day of Nimtag at a National Trust heritage worship preservative, the senior expected Rothschild was summoned before The One We Worship made manifest. TOWW was displeased in the extreme and accused His charge with allowing mockery of His magnificence and traitorous actions amongst his goldenboys…….” &c.

You get the idea.

Rothchild’s golden boys, imagine Baldricks from the space Blackadder, would be given a right sphincter blasting before appearing before us in their so smart Savilles, though some like May’s handlers will still look like turds in suits or shits in taffeta, to issue Bernaysian conditioned nudges.

However in this high autochthonousnamshub environment all that is happening to Soros, Clinton, Heinrich Kissinghimmler, Numpty Chumsky, Rockbreakingfellers, Davos, Aspen, UNslavers, NGOsexperps and anyothers you care to mention is that they are all squarely in the sights for funnelwebbing.

Everyone knows it now. Everyone is now a General Practictioner of the high velocity pharmacy.

Imagine pissing on anyone of these TOWWcreeps if they were on fire. Naaaahhh.

I mean it isn’t that people who stop believing in God will believe anything it is that everyone would kick TOWW in the cunt if it heaved into view now. In fact TOWW needs hunting down right here, right now. Ahhh…how the moneybitched geldingscribblers always get it wrong.

Have you ever had a good swaatch at the armament of the immediate post war jet fighter aircraft? If I mention Korean Policing Action, what comes to mind? You know the Policing Action which hasn’t yet stopped. Got it? Funny the words used by those who infest the corridors of power and collusion. A collision of reality, unreality and make believable fiction. Plausible deniability reductio ad absurdem. I mean what is kinetic military action?

That brings me to the weirdness of Korea. From Cressida’s softly softly tusk force, to RN RFAs (satanic altar provision must have had the Okpo lads scratching under their safety helmets), SBS with “Chesty” and the recent comment I heard Alex Thomson make that UKplc persuaded USofA corp that wining the Police action was not cricket. I’m sure a great big common purpose bluewaffle eater would understand that one. MacArthur didn’t eat waffle so we ask ourselves what happened between Truman threatening to nuke the Soviets and MacArthur getting the boot by Truman?

I’ll tell you what it is. It is like asking you lover to give you a good rimming and then dropping a big one in their face. Then snikkering and making out how you are real sorry but it wasn’t really a deliberate shitting in your face kinetic action. There is something of the Stockholm syndrome at work here, the ordinary punter in the West is constantly scraping shit off their faces and wondering “How the fuck did that happen again? Must be my fault.”

Well that is where shitting in your face cums. 1947 National Security Act. Which means teabagging your skull. You don’t need to look too hard at the CIA to see UNAmericanActivities.

So Policing Action, no not killing UKplc subjects.

Oh BTW when I listen to Sunrise Radio, “The greatest Asian radio station in the world”, there is a constant barrage of advertisments from lawyers hoping to help prospective Asian occupants of the, currently, open prison that is UKplc. The gulag with entertainment. When they close the theatres again you’ll soon find out what NOAHide means. The adverts always say “citizenship”.

Get this clear. There are no citizens in Camp STASI. There are no free people in the land of the bailliff. There is only property and its theft. No matter how many times the phukkshmurphs in Westminster say the word “citizen” in connection with the indentured inmates of UKplc we will not do a Windscale and go all Sellafield. As usual these hubristic criminals, these OOPart, don’t realise that we’ve self innoculated ourselves from their occult chantings.

That is the one thing that the UKplc can never forgive USofA corp for. It is why the 23/11 and 11/9 are bookends. No wonder PerpRoyale is looking so happy.

“WTF are you on about?” I hear you sigh, again.

Well the 1930s equivalent of Sunrise Radio would have been Blue Danube Radio. Do you really think that when owner/directors of Czech weaponsplant/manufacturers turned up in London with gold bars strapped to the inside of their motor fenders that that is all they brought in 1938? Do you seriously think that Czech armour plate was all HMG expected to import? Then Patton spoiled the party after Ike’s rothbitchfukknun failed her mission. Mind you it all could not have happened without Bormann’s IP handlers.

Nudge Nudge Marketing no longer works lads. The direct approach of the LPP is upon us.

Back to killing UKplc subjects. Did you see that typical Grauniad conflation. The poor slob was not G20ing. He. Like me, would have been sauntering back home after a few lunchtime bevvies. Going back along his usual route. His daily routine. Unfortunately for the poor man a bunch of foundation sponsored clowns where giving the local LPP a live fire exercise and opportunity to to try out their Israeli paramilitary training on the local numpties.

All UKabos are expendable. As the Talmudic slaves in the USSR used to quip, they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work. In UKplc the Police minister always tries to keep the latest imports from breaking the stage props and the UKabos pretend to obey the laws. Quip pro quo.

However the TOWWbitches here in UKplc smell a solution to finally getting rid of the annoying weeds that litter the immediate area. AI. Well let us imagine how that is going to pan out when the same stunted minds that brought us Sidney Street, Anthrax and financial derivatives, the same mega minds that cannot street light their boroughs and gas light the UKAbos, the same geniuses that euthanize everything in sight, the same phukkwitz clowns that lost technological managerial capability somewhere around the transition from sail to steam,... 

SNAFU!: The British Royal Navy's six Type 45 £1 billion de...: Source : The British Royal Navy's six Type 45 £1 billion destroyers barely ever leave their docks HMS Dauntless an...

.....the same retards that demand Maoist Red Book H&E diktats from the miniHRfuehrers whilst sending children to death everyday by GPSbombs they purchased, masterminds of Clouseauesque phukkwittery that deserve the chair, just how is that going to end? Imagine London; Omega Man stylee.

Policing action as in killing lots and lots of people. H/T ROK Drop.

When the fighter jocks tangled over the Yalu one side had 0.5in cal guns and the other side had phekking great cannons, 23mm & 37mm. Now no one ever mentions the strange fact that the commie jets were Rothschild tech., UKplc reaction jets and Nazi aerodynamic concepts. The USofA corp jets were Rockefeller tech., UKplc reaction jets and Nazi aerodynamic concepts. One thing that gives the never mentioned game away is that armament. The stinking commies were shit scared that the bomb line was coming East. They were tooled up to break up large airframes. USofA corp was tooled up to dog fight like the air was full of Bf109s again.

However when the jocks saw their 0.5in cal bullets spanging off the airframes of the Commie jets it became clear who’d been and who’d not spoken to the Nachtjäger Experten.

The guys with the jazz music knew that a stupid little 0.303in gun was not going to do anything to something as chunky as a Lancaster. For in a very soundly engineered large aircraft the airframe is essentially bullet proof. It has to be broken up by pumping high explosives into it. Even in a purely ballistic sense the bleeding of energy from a small calibre projectile moving through the air is more pronounced than a similar velocty larger calibre weapon. The guy with the larger calibre can simply stand off at a safe distance and take you down.

“Well why didn’t they give our aircrew bigger guns” I hear you ask? Well not to put too fine a point on it that was not part of the plan. These brave men were flying semidisposable bomb trucks after all and the main task was to drop HE on the bomb line, not carry heavier defensive weapons which would have eaten into that deliverable payload fraction.

You see I don’t reckon all this strategic bombing theorising was the truth of the matter. There was no attempt to really win the war by sending bomber streams over Germany every night. There was no real strategy in a military sense. What we have here is classic misdirection. The overall religious war strategy was far more complex and gives us a good glimpse of the realtive strengths of the senior and cadet branches of the djinn’s assigned worshippers on this earth in the 1940s.

One of the give aways, to my mind, is the callous cover up over the jazz musik. Which apparently was to come as a total surprise to Bomber Command after the gunfire and sniper had stopped. This in a land knee deep in Operational Researchers!

Imagine London without Seoul. Imagine anything like the truth breaking out anywhere in the lands of TOWW.

It is impossible. I mean how can you trust anyone, who’s whole career is fake, to use sources, constantly referenced in learned peer reviewed articles, from global life time actors.


Come on.

I will bet real money that Divine Robert Mugabe will be the most revered figure in the 23rd century histerical courses at the finest seats of learning extant then on the Mars orbital ark, then current year Omega+2+3dither.

Mind you once the namshub really kicks in we’ll all realise that the racist little Maothesp was a chinkbitchedmuderingperp serviced by RN RCE/HK runs disguised as Beira blockade patrols and his mate on the Island was a lisping terrorist bomber in loud shirts fronting for more murdering racist terrororistiki Marxmongs and Trotskyret thieves in frocks.

All welcomed in London.