Saturday, 23 June 2018

Autobotrot or AI as phukkwittery.

What do you do if even the AI is a Turing fail? What do you do if the Stepford wives end up looking like metal mickey? What do you do if you want to sodomise C3PO in a Kafkaesque analbot precumprecrimethotshot and autoSTASI yourself in a frameup? Normalise that you Frankfartasswipes. What do you do if you notice that everyone has been made lamplikedjinn and not yet decanted? Not the first time that this has been noted I am afraid. What happens if the clowns of legend in the mooted golden ages in far of misty times were just a bunch of cunts? How come no one reckons that the best of humanity, ever, in the aggregate, was three centuries ago and long gone.

What do you see here in the global crimescene bestrode by fake crime sceners…..the monomongphreekReligiokillers zu Kontrolledemolitionzmunitions, Gangof7, kINDERFiddlerbergers, FARTO, UNESCON, perpRoyals and assorted other sooo well educated, zoooo well fed, well sheltered, watered and fucked inductees, of whatever secret mongstreetherd they belong to, are doing and have done what for 80 years now?

Erected a Zyklon A merkin release. In fact they’ve done nothing but tickle everyone’s fancy such that the pleasurable juxtapositionpoisoning of erogenous zones and the pantieteknikon of devices associated with their moving, removal, creation and general tumescent augmentation means that the R&D budget blown on the bolting together of a 3cockedhermaphrodite equipped with repeatpimppriming heavywaterbollox, carbonfibreprostates & vesicles of steel, consumed more GDP and destroyed more forests than all the bombs dropped since 1900.


That is all.

It is back to the 10th century at last as far as they real geezers we never get a whiff of are concerned.


Well, viewed from a certain angle, the passed 1000 years simply looks like Ripley's second outing. There is sine dubio something very quiet in the terraforming engine awaiting maturation. You don’t have to be a sixfoot jewbint to get with the Vasquez programme.

As Quigley remarked in the last book, the semites wage war through commerce weapon systems.

History is simple exhaustion and farce Henry.

Things like JFK/RFK operations only make sense when viewed over a multi century timeframe. Weeds are nothing more than plants out of time and place.

The great shiney wankstators are so encrusted with plebcum that the HAS will need to be taken down again. Their role is now completed and the individuals who used to be variegated are now spent monocrops vaped over the great towering media. The message is no longer transmissible no matter what medium is spitting on your crystal balls. Now don’t get too pantyfilled but this time it will be global. The scalability imperative cannot be denied.

If you wander up to an atheist, just before you stitch the phukker, ask it what it is doing here? If you wander up to mongheathen, just before you ram its book sideways up its arse, ask it what it is doing here? Both sets of wasting batrastas are here to onanentropy that is all.

I love the khaants that love to kill the defenceless through prophaparalysis. Athiest or mongheathen, before you rest their case, ask them what they see when extra genes heave in to view? If they cannot see the supernumerary as shadow then deliver the high velocity pharmacy without grace.

Here in Marie Antoinette’s pigsty’s shithouse, the most advanced society on Earth, the bitched nation, we are to be given lots of new taxes to pay for the NHS thanks to Terroresa Blutstain’s Mr Muscle resistant foray into the commie thinktank’s Trotsky rejects bin of delights. Grinding down syndrome is endemic, pandemic and intrinsic with these self selecting fungi and I mean what bit of ice pick up the earhole don’t the world’s most advanced wankstator gazers get?

The undead May be talking increased NHS resources but when the nosferatu translator is switched on all we get is cackling”…..90% of the increased NHS taxes are to be parked off shore via scamming companies set up especially for the purpose of fleecing the soon to be dead UKabos….”

Don’t you understand that the NHS is so intrinsically unBritsh; UKabo? You were never supposed to get one up the earhole or arsehole, you are to bleed out into buckets of cash.