Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Fundamental engineered designer failure


Again and again these incidents have the signature of provoked collateral damage as a planned  by-product of designed impotence. Instituted weakness used in the widening of the actor pool sucked into the war. It may seem weird but to get at the roots of these affairs we need to look at the deliberate removal of industrial capacity from the west European allies that were lined up to get the second stage of the unfinished 1914-19 war restarted, UKplc especially.

With a high policy decision of such considered ineffectuality for war waging in place, then the wellfed Talmudicommie comedienne secret armies infesting the combat zone, Brest to Brest-Litovsk, financed and controlled by the RCE/LC, ensured that dead civilians populated all the crime scenes, a la Vietnamstylee et la Palestinestylee, then the pure as the driven snow allied financed and motivated guerilla actors, Syriastylee, must be contrasted by the blackpropagnadised eeveel nasties. The opposition must be sooo bad on all and every occasion no matter what happened in actuality.

Comme les Ruskies aujourdui.

This just takes, as always, the useless western consumers into lalaland to await removal from history.

BTW what was so important that SS2 needed to be farting around Tongue of Hoc for anyway?

Fundamental failure: Military admits F-35 fighter doesn't work but says it's too late stop $400B program -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net: http://www.sott.net/article/315096-Fundamental-failure-Military-admits-F-35-fighter-doesnt-work-but-says-its-too-late-stop-400B-program

Sic transit....blahblah