Tuesday, 30 June 2009

No trident, no Queen Elizabeth? Expect a harem in Hounslow soon.

Med or Baltic? Hanseatic or Venetian?

Every so often a great day arrives that allows us, the great unwashed, to get a glimpse of the GREAT CEREMONY being played out hidden in clear sight.



Whatever the pish spewed onto our screens by the MSM regarding these two military symbols we can now see that if they are torpedoed the UK plc will be going Club Med.

Do you know what that means chums?

An age of Hashshashin, Gomorra and the slow degeneration into the bronze age. NO civil liberties, no rights, no freedoms, nothing. Stay indoors and do as your fucking told or else!!!

All the phekkwitz that marched and ranted in the late 60’s will find their great, great grandchildren enslaved by their phukkwittery. Sweet!!!!

It is obvious now that the whole 68 malarkey thingy was a put up job. Go checkout who funded their literature.

It is germane that "see me" liberationists banging on about youths blasting their spunk across the room would never have dreamed in their sweetest dreams just how integral liberationists would be to the, can’t be far away, establishment of the first harem in Hounslow. I’ll bet they’ll get rid of front doors pronto and we’ll be getting in through the roofs a la Stone Age.

Other things to look out for in the bronze age, eunuchs, ziggurats, white slavery, child labour, no trial by jury, no habeas corpus, no due process, rule by fiat, incompetent goons running things on faith, satraps.

Shit most of it’s here!!!!!


Heads up.