Friday, 23 November 2018

Seemorerocks: Rumours that Assange is about to be forcibly evict...

Seemorerocks: Rumours that Assange is about to be forcibly evict...: ‘ Last diplomat he knew’: Ecuador ousts London envoy, fuels rumors of Assange’s imminent eviction RT , 22 November, ...

Black nights acomin'

“According to a 1999 Boston Globe article, “Blackout Led to Weapon that Darkened Serbia”, chaff (strips of metal military planes use to defend against missile attacks) was dropped mistakenly on a power station in Southern California.  The result – the power station was disabled and Orange County’s power supply was disrupted.
This simple technique was turned into a cluster bomb and used first against Serbia on May 2nd 1999. F-117A Stealth Fighters dropped these weapons on Serbia power stations and the lights went out in over 70% of the country. The weapon was used again 5 days later to hinder Serbia’s attempt to restore power.
In the opening days of Desert Storm, modified tomahawk cruise missiles were used against Iraq. The warheads were made up of bomblets that contained spools of carbon fiber wire. The fine wire shorted out power plants and disabled 85% of Iraq’s electrical production capability.”

“The Central Electricity Generating Board announced last night that disconnections would increase from 10 percent to 15 per cent from this morning. The high risk areas will now spend nine hours without electricity.
The industrial effects of the miners' stoppage became graver yesterday. As the miners presented their case to the Wilberforce inquiry and the Prime Minister called in both sides of industry for consultations, the number of workers made idle by the power crisis rose by 50 per cent.”

Never forget that the shithouse that hosts the mokkerphuther of theftengines, both squaking and counting, has spent most of recent history in lockdown and rationing, its default position. The current unnatural state of relative plenties will not continue.

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