Friday, 9 November 2018

A Purge General opens its trap and……

...I'll bet he got great grades from his ersatzcommie fauxprofessor professionalyahewistas phonyworshipping moneymongminds.

SNAFU!: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs warns on Russia, but ...: via Defense.Gov Both Russia and China have developed capabilities that would negate some of these advantages, the chairman said. Russia ...

All one needs to know is that when they come to do battle any and all actions against the ChiComms will be clinical High Keystone coppery.

Any Russian action will be dirty nuke/trench warfare toxic to cause maximum trauma and chaos. The breadbaskets will be gone.

Anyone connecting Kursk 2000 and Drydock 2018 incidents?

Now I don’t want you to get too miserable Euroslobs but can you name me any battle you won this last 100 years? (That includes you Russia) So what makes me think that you are going to win anything once you’ve got Eurofarce in place?

As Eisenhower famously got wrong, the global commercial/martial complex has moved completely over to commercial focus in the west. Others are going to be given martial success in the cycle.

Why do you think your HDTV Pyongyang pissinyoureyes TVs and all other electronic spy devices are manufactured in slavershitholes far far away? They will ensure you never know when you have been defeated. If they were made/assembled in US/EU then the STASI on the wall functions of all these talmutronic moronic devices would have been out in the remains of the union movements and therefore current in society.

Do you really want the abrahamic psychogod stalking you 24/7 in your hovel?

Why do you think all commecrcial activity is going private again? Byebye stock market.

Would anyone other than a merc fight for a wired for sound, all seeing eye, shithouse? The only temporary privacy might be found in the aftermath of a major battle when everything for 1000 miles around is phukked.


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