Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Puff the Magic Pharmacist.

MIRAGEC14: Indonesia develops gunship variant of CN-235 aircr...: Indonesian manufacturer PT Dirgantara (PTDI) has begun work on a gunship variant of the CN-235 twin-engine multipurpose aircraft. The aircr...

Let’s work this through.

The world is awash with quantitative easing. Greenspan and Brown's Money enema has flushed lucre into every feted thief and all celebrity terrorists hands.

No one I know has any money and yet the geezers who want to kill everyone can bury their head shot sex slaves in coffins made from bearer bonds and million pound promises to pay.

First lesson is that ALL fiance finance minsters and betrothed bankers are perps in need of neck stretching into their own deficit.

So the bird with the antique DEFAs is going to target who?

PUFF will get blown out of the air any where near the scouts who can contract for delivery of MANPADs or AlCIAduh spare Stingers. It ain’t going down town then.

So where.

Well there are some unarmed targets wandering around that would be ideal cannon fodder.

The visitor friendly North Senitlinese would be ideal fire mission targets for Iron Cross hounds. However I think the Indian government might not be too happy with pharmacy dropping on their sovereign territory.

OK. How about pylon turning round an igloo. The racist bastards that hunt up there are just asking for it. I mean the Canadian government would just love them removed. However I suspect that even the bitched through Canucks might just wonder why high velocity lead pills were arriving within their borders instead of on wedding parties and schools in Araboland.

Scratch that idea.

I know! Unknown aboriginals not yet phukked over by Mormons in the Amazon. Direct visitation by the flying doctor and the magick lead pill pharmacy would be just the ticket. The khaants are just asking for it what with them breathing in the defenceless jungle and causing man made climate change. THE KHAAANTS! Lord RockRoth phaaaking hates the penniless scum.

I suspect Brasilia might just have a Masonic problem with that firing solution geometry.

I know, I know. You are ahead of me. However allow me to toy with you just a second more.

Who do we know that the SJW worriers hate? Who do we know gets right up the noses of all the diversity mongs in the west’s corridors of power? Where would the spineless cockquimobsessives like to hand out Kissinger Kiss of Death for Ba’al awards to megadeathmerchants? Where do the KKDB Crosses grow? Who do we know of that the fully bitched boybitch drone bitchboy eunuch androgyn Australians have fully embargoed, undermined and lined up for 30mm prophylaxia?

Where are the defenceless fields of flesh?

Every last one of the faces you see on the Merde Streaming Murder Hi Diahhrea bamboozletron box, everyone of the paid for perps from the rotten boroughs, every one of the Ba’al worshippers in their holly watched CCTV compounds will never lift a finger, in any way, when the massacres start.