Thursday, 6 September 2018


As usual with all these bought and paid for creeps we are dealing with the negative projected into the Herd Attention Space. She practices, there is a joke there, only that which fiat money allows. Bought and paid for de jure boybitch de facto.

Here we have a review by Rae West of some her arseboundersatzscribblings,

“An interesting insight into the transmutation of 'left-wing views' when money appears. The Kinnocks and many others show a similar pattern. This book was another nail in Labour's coffin.

I bought this (remaindered) specifically to check [1] How 'New Labour' was invented, [2] Whether the string-pullers are mentioned, [3] whether the 'Human Rights Act' and related scams were deliberately designed to make money for Cherie B and others.

There's no mention anywhere of Bilderberg meetings and people like Kissinger, nor of Common Purpose and people like Julia Middleton. It's well known that Tony Blair was summoned to the Bilderberg meetings, and no doubt put on the act of his life. A barrister is as much an actor as a legal brain, perhaps more so, and Blair turned in the performance of a lifetime, unfortunately. At any rate, Blair, despite nil previous interest in politics, was soon keen on the EU. (Cherie B says nothing about its 'parliament' having no power to make laws, only to comment). Also of course he got rid of Clause 4 - presumably so public assets, the common wealth, could be sold off. Another thing was making the 'Bank of England' independent. All these policies are of course Bilderberg/ 'global'/ banker policies.

After only about a year of New Labour, the Human Rights Act was 'in the Queen's speech' - Cherie B doesn't say who put it there. (Before that Cherie B's work was in employment law). 'Matrix Chambers' with 26 practitioners was set up to aim at 'Human rights' work - they didn't want it to be just in Strasbourg! Cherie B says nothing about phoney 'asylum seekers', or the way lawyers manipulate legal aid. Incidentally one lawyer is quoted as shying away as it might be too 'left wing' - I wonder if he was troubled by the immigration aspect?

Anyway - there are fragments of information about 'New Labour' though Cherie B has no concept of the malignity of its effects. As with legal letters, nothing she doesn't like is mentioned. She says the Olympics were 'won' for London ('won' in the eBay sense); she doesn't mention the Dome. She mentions Mandela, but not corruption in South Africa or the fact its minerals remain under the same control as before. She comes across as a naive Catholic believer, with no clue about its history; ditto with so called 'trotskyites'. She supported war in Iraq because 'Tony would never lie to me.'

She seems to have no abstract ideas about law whatever: the only general statement she makes is that (in Rwanda) if there are hundreds of thousands of murders, it will be difficult and expensive to get three judges to assess each case. In fact I have some doubts whether her claim to have come first in bar finals was true - there's no evidence of any intellect. Maybe it was made up by the controlled media?” This site can’t be reached
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I only started paying attention to RW when he remarked on ACH’s show that the UK welfare state was only put in place to ease the import of the imports. Now that makes sense. Once the UKAbos had had their good natures pissed on the whole thing was dissolved once the imports, fleeing contracted professional secret bearers from Europe’s labour camps or CHEKA Talmud social workers with lead, had got onto the, soon to be disappeared to UKAbos, ladders to advancement.

If you don’t know what I mean just watch any Doctor in Charge or Carry On from the 1950s/very early 60s to catch the time wasters at work and portrayed. Or stare at Oliver “public litterbin for UKAbo correspondence” Letwin.

One thing about RW is we’ve got a free entity on our hands. His recent comment at Beulaman’s shop highlights the restraints on the so called freiAusphartWeltanschauung. Even ACH doesn’t realise that to get the best out of a constantly decelerating interviewee is to get out of the CI cage.

Anyway back to the boybitch. Since infinite funny money leads to endless injustice, you can be sure she’d sent any UKabo to a Talmudic gas chamber prontotonto if required. Boybitch-bitchboy statute issues rotten quim fruit rebirthed betwixtbewitched  shit and piss.