Sunday, 14 March 2010

In a lunchtime long-time ago in a galaxy far, far away,…………. well the PA boozer off Colney Hatch Lane just down the road from The Minstrel Boy, me and a colleague got to yakking about… well… stuff.

Jung and death. Intelligence is a dangerous double edged sword and both edges will kill you if you are not careful; it is the soul that will save you.

The place we were working for was a half arsed boiler room run by Gibraltan refugees and a thug mindset. So a swiftian or two in the boozer was called for at half time as the mason’s marks were made for all to see how much stone you’d dragged up the ramp that morning. There was a third presence with us, a right mukka, who was the bloke that caused the Brunswick strike, but we didn’t get to grill him too much on that since we were about to go into lala land.

I opened the gambit with something I’d been musing on. Jung’s idea of a universal soul. I reckoned that it seemed a fair idea, from the little I knew, and that if there was a feedback process then we were in real trouble.

My colleague agreed, for she knew more than I did. We got to chatting about life in the 40s and 50s in the West Coast of Eire that her family had told her about. The strong arming of the USofA corp. to get Eire to ditch neutrality and join the good fight. The promises of money and loans if the white hat was to turn grey. How there was never much on a plate at meal times.

She told me about the book she had in her possession that I by chance realised I’d read a long time previously before it got swaatched from the shelves. I was then allowed to read again thanks to her kindness. How she took the bullet for her department when it went tits up in her industry and how she had died.

Now I’ve never been one to hang around with the undead but there you go. So I raised an eyebrow on cue.

She related how a few years previously she had contracted MRSA and had been loaded up to the wards in a well known premier infirmary in North London. There she died.

While she was dead she had the usual follow the light experience, her experiences in lala land culminated in supreme contentment knowing that she was in the presence of the creator and then her dead father intervened and pleaded with her to return to life for she could not leave those behind alone. Eventually she was persuaded to return. The pain on returning to her body being far greater than anything she had ever experience, the rigours of child birth was as nothing.

We turned to the Brunswick culprit and asked “Really?” My dead chum having been in the civil unrest at that very venue protesting with the being shit upon women employees.” Yes” he said “it was my entire fault. I was in the IT dept there at the time!” I got back on track and filed further pursuit of the Brunswick tale for a later date, since my dead chum got back to the other weird thing about the whole experience. When she came round she found out that if it hadn’t been for a Philippina nurse staying vigil over her for a full 24hrs straight and battering in the antibiotics she would have been left to expire. The nurse knew who would be left behind alone and was intent on not leaving her post until my chum was back with the living.

I didn’t have to believe or unbeleive, doubt or indoubt. I just remarked that if the universal soul does exist, could it be that she had experienced a higher human state instead since there seemed to be some sort of input from the temporal to bring her back, manifest as her father. “No” she wasn’t having any of that, she’d been in the presence of God and was back to get on with life as best she could.

I kept on the universal soul tack though and asked whether it could exist independent of a deity or higher being and that if it did and the postulated feedback mechanism did exist I asked “What if we are proving to be toxic to that Jungian universal soul AND that is then making mankind more and more fuckedwitz like?” A kind of spiritual downward spiral if you like. AND being a fully rationalised process by whom?

Now years have passed since that quiet boozer vignette. Almost immediately Mr. Brunswick told our bosses to go and fuck themselves since they were running nothing more than the typical North London business model of legalised scamming, so we couldn’t get to quiz him any further on exactly what he had done to precipitate the crisis there. My chum and I got to spend several more lunchtimes chewing the rag and formulating escape plans. In her previous career she had access to the kind of people and info I’d kill for. She knew that there would a call to her to get out of Dodge pronto when the SHTF for real. So we prepared escape routes, mileages, alternate routes, the places to stay the hell away from and the supplies she’d need to reach safety. We’ve all moved on of course and she’s still here in the Smoke so the call hasn’t been placed, yet.

I remember when I first came out here onto the Ausfahrt there were three things you could get. Hard core porn. Access to US mil. sites and US academia, even way back then the European academic sites were shut up tight. Verboten to the vulgar. Last but not least the most amazing sites dealing with all sorts of alternative views on things. Even then I used to wonder why they were there. The porn was obvious and the US freedom of info act was in place, but things like the Saturn Hypothesis WTF was that doing out here back then?

If there are 7 billion of us and each of us is connected to that Jungian soul, if there is a feed back cycle and if we can manipulate it then we will be in conflict with the longer term users of this knowledge. So to counter our increasing memory and knowledge and to keep us from integrating through this powerful idea we get our minds fucked with.

What is your mind? Who are you? Are you in between your ears?

Well no. How’s about you are just using the grey stuff between the ears as your non dom. You are there, but not really. You are actually off shore?

I hope you are getting the flavour of what is actually a very hybrid mixture of in your face piss take and occulted philosophy continually practiced by adepts in all spheres of our conditioning.

As I’ve said before “We have to think as they think”.

What's coming next can be conflated. However whatever the outpouring I take the soul, Jungian or otherwise, and the mind as two separate though very exotic states.

Both being messed with at our expense.


  1. The universal soul, collective karma, known unknowns. Sometimes I think we make it harder for ourselves and should see what's in plain sight and acknowledge it for what it is. As it is we sit back and say, "Nah, they wouldn't do that would they?" and carry on trying to lift an invisible curtain. Nice post Incoming - had my two braincells jumping.

  2. I'm only half way with this GV. Stick with it. Glad you enjoyed it and Mr Foxx.


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