Thursday, 18 March 2010

Brain & Soul?

How to approach the unapproachable?

Take a snapshot and expose the negative?

Mind & Universe.

How much is you and how much is your?

As I wombled earlier I conceive of two (three) exotic states independent of any all-powerful deity. One idea Brain/Mind relatively localised. Soul/Universe infinite and yet bound. I’ll put Spirit/Faith on the back burner for the moment.

Brain/Mind and the Electric Universe or the Eclectic Elliptic in the Spiral Arms. Gravitics, Hormonal Time, Non-Locality and how the whole lot changes and morphs human consciousness as the fabric of reality is stretched and stressed, compacted and strained by the ever changing harmonic celestial tides and the electric well.

Into this arena comes our what? As I remarked in Chicken or egg? we seem to have been stopped and trapped, perhaps deliberately.

I’ve let drop on several occasions I reckon a great deal of this is hidden in not for public consumption teachings in the modern mystery schools. Schools like the Black Programmes, though not the US DoD where the stealth bombers were hatched.

Where is Kronia now?

Recently I mentioned the Saturn Hypothesis which was a very interesting mind wander around novel planetary alignments, gravitational fixes and other ideas trying to match ancient celestial observations and alternative approaches to explaining these observations of the ancients; rather than just putting them over in the corner as the meandering of savages. Parts of the ideas were encapsulated in Symbols of an Alien Sky, still here. Kronia has gone.

If it is possible to engineer a mind map and influence individuals, groups, societies and nationalities by mastery of novel approaches to natural philosophy as outlined in Bearden’s appreciation of Soviet weapons tech?

Then I give you this.

Would a massive outpouring of our Sun’s electrogravitic potential be able to bathe all life on earth in such a way that over a varying rate, rate of time the potential to synchronise all higher forms of life on earth (?) in a natural mind snapper could lead to conditions such that when the potential collapsed all or almost all higher forms of life expired instantaneously?

Earth crustal shifts being a mere bagatelle.

That is one of the things I remember from Kronia, The Holocene. That the Earth Crustal Displacement caused the death, freezing and shifting, but what if the electric well’s output being suddenly curtailed caused the whole thing? And it shone on giving shadow to the dead.

Now then this will really spin your tops.

What if certain (human) brains interact locally with the Sun's hyper dimensional output differently? And the survivors remembered a different sun.

You’re not supposed to think like that are you?

That’s Brain/Mind and non locality.

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