Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Speculative Assay into the Past and Future.

Here’s a lad that’s been to the Munich Conference on Security which I gave you a heads up about .

I love the little list of the top bods who pitched up to eat and swill the best produce, no measure of their global fart print would have been taken there I’ll bet. Oh no that’s for the proles.

However this short assay into Natural Philosophy and the occult starts with the eye of your correspondent catching the items discussed.

“The main issues of the conference, launched on Feb. 5, were "Energy Security and change the global balance of power", "The Future of European and global security", "The Future of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons", "The Future of NATO: its strategy and mission", especially in Afghanistan. Of course, special attention was paid to the atomic problem of Iran, as well as a new strategy for relations between Russia and the West, the new Russia's initiative to conclude a treaty on European security, the future of Afghanistan, the chances of peace process in the Middle East.”

I will concentrate on "Energy Security and change the global balance of power" & “special attention was paid to the atomic problem of Iran

This all needs decoding. As always what we the uninitiated see and what is to be read are two different things.

We are supposed to think about oil and gas, esp. LNG, when these clowns start to bang on about energy. However translation would tend to suggest to me that the genie of “free energy” might be out of the bottle. If you follow George Ure’s very entertaining and informative musings, not financial advice, the Web Bots have been expecting the “New Electrics” to pitch up about now and indeed GU gave some info on this very topic coming out of China and India soon.

I also note that the “release” onto the market of this tech. is to be controlled so that no one really notices that a New Philosophy is in play. Marketing is after all about managing perceptions of reality.

So I’ll bet a great deal of yakking went into how the guys with the money, ChiComms, and the guys who’ve deliberately been made broke, USofA corp., can come to a modus vivendi at least for the short term.

Now I did warn you at the beginning of the year that this blog was going to go “weird” by that I mean I am going to wander as I want way out side the cage defined by MSM and prescribed knowledge. If you want some kind of back to earth INCOMING!!!!!!! Head over to D&TT.

And so we come to Persia.

What is the “atomic problem”?

Well I’ll let you into a secret; it is all in the timing.

The first part of this essay has dealt with occult knowledge first described in the mid 19th century and then Heavysided into the occult. The reasons? Money of course. So one and a half centuries later the world has moved enough to let the (New?) money decide that the New Electrics are to come forth.

The Persia problem resides in occult knowledge never released into the public domain, unlike Maxwell’s original equations.

As you know I don’t subscribe the usual story of Atomic bomb development, my view explains N Korea, the conventional MSM story doesn’t. So into the making of big bangs we go.

When the lads letting off the really big sticks were checking their theory against results they found a very interesting anomaly from what I can gather. This is true for Western and Soviet research. If they expected to get a yield of 10BANGS worth from a particular bomb they found that they got 13 BANGS worth of yield. Repeated trials on both sides confirmed this anomaly. Only the Soviets were smarter, or not so blinkered, and realized that the timing of the experiments and the, dare one say it, celestial alignments were influencing the “gating” in of energy. A nice balance of spies on both sides eventually equalized the knowledge pool, but not the insight pool.

Remember I’m wandering way out here outside MSM reality so I don’t have to worry about “peer” review. I can think what I like.

So if someone outside RockRoth control started down a path that has been deemed 22nd century Tech. because the NWO hasn’t been achieved yet and human society melded into a single amorphous mass locked into perpetual oligarchy, well then they might get sat on as well as providing a suitable vehicle for squelching humanity into one amorphous mass through casus belli.

Just a thought.

Though if you get what the cloud guys were on about in Monday’s post the above thought lines really need to be pursued when considering the nature of our Sun.

Right then I is off back to reality at D&TT.