Thursday, 8 October 2009

Darwin and Afnamistan

I had intended running this out complete with the full ceremonial and ritual.

Several things conspired to bring me to the QWERTY early so here goes, it should be less verbose than usual. Thank phekk I hear you sigh.

We can never win in Afnamistan because of Darwin.

We human beings are thought to have evolved from tiny little proto mammals that skulked around under the feet of the Dinosaurs like Didelphodon . Little fierce little things that if they’d got any bigger would have been targeted by raptors, any smaller perhaps wouldn’t have been wide spread enough. This was good. Good for us because we are here now lording it over all like the Deus Ex Machina. Good for the Didelphodon because when it went pear shaped their meager scavenging existence meant they’d a better chance of adapting to the suddenly bizarre environment. BTW Didelphodon liked eating dinosaur eggs, one up for the D then.

So let’s have a little look at….ohhh….Afnamistan.

There are big phekkin’ raptors all over the place chasing poor scavenging locals. Now sure there is attrition on the locals, our raptors have been busy. However we’re not getting a high enough hit rate to knock them out. So we the DEMs demand bigger fiercer raptors, see wholly Rude today for P’s well written take on this, to take the natives out.

McCrystal will get the huger raptors flying all over the countryside, the city raptors will take the locals out in the shopping malls and markets and we the DEMs will indeed be happy it is so.

Until we get our eggs raided, as we will.

For the locals will react to their environment, they will not become extinct, they will down size and burrow deeper and shrink smaller until we have become of such a monstrous size that the environment will give us up, we will expire and the tiny little creatures will retake their land. A land changed no doubt but they will be far better equipped to exploit the new ecology than we will.

Darwin reckons they’ll inherit the earth then.

So Team Didelphodon 1- Team Raptors 0

And this all assumes that NO OTHER DEMs are running Team Raptor into the ground whilst aiding and abetting the Team Didelphodon.

The universe abhors a vacuum, well karma abhors evil hubris.

Now that’s just the ceremonial part, I’ll get the ritual part done ASAP. Promise.

Heads up. D heads down.