Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Lost Train to Pukeville

Well here we are; A short note marking 5 earth years out here, MkII. No surprise to regular readers here that the MkI, started 26th June, ran way out of hand and still awants finishing. Too many thoughts and too many subjects let loose. All I wanted was to summarise in some way what was the end result of dumping out here on the ausgang and pissing in the ausphart for 250 plus weeks. So I will religiously limit this second attempt to one page and one page only.

Excreting out here as an exercise in the self exorcising has been a failure. As an exercising in excommunication it has been a success. The process of identifying what is what is complete. First up it can be noted that whatever is placed in front of us in the garden where the secular wankstators spin their ear shine is pure moonsniffing loonacy. The supreme wankstator in the original garden is most likely a trouble maker and his jester. So any communication using the senses here in this garden is untrue. Any instrument be it book, film, human, artifice, device or gimmick deployed within the Herd Attention Space is a wankstator’s mirror within witch to cast the sacred spell. The weirdest mirror of all is but a phase conjugate mind fryer. How else to explain the male as the source of constancy and the female as neutered. Do not look into it or you are gone into Yahweh’s freekfarm and onanist flowerbed. Enki’s ball pond for the retarded and special needs psychopath.

Read it and weep. That is one of the issues resolved over the past 5 years. The so called children of the book are but slaves to the closed system. The fact that every system in this world demands the attention of the herd is an illustration of its primitive intent. You will not be allowed to remove your attention, if you attempt to do so the religiocommerCHEKAmercs will get you through the release of specially selected for forces. Either by rigged markets or bullets they will get you to worship. Worship the fully integrated full spectrum religiowarfaredeathcult.

It is also clear now why all those shit business books make no sense. Porter’s five forces, Handy’s, Scholes’ and Zuboff’s bollox. All the econometrics and the Nobel economists dare not mention that only AND ONLY when killing is brought into their concepts and equations does the whole damn thing make sense. And once that is done one has nothing but gangsterism. Yahweist commerce is crime; there is no getting away from it, the Abrahamic scam is crime. The beginnings of all commerce are gold, slavery and war. This is, despite the official histories saying otherwise, an unbroken activity since the day the world almost ended 64,000 years ago.

Which brings me nicely to the black rain on pukkeville. Did the survivors need to do anything other than make sure their commercial model survived in idea only so that eventually a signal could be sent? It is one of the weird things that I did not anticipate about this journey onto the altwankstator park. There to join with the altHerd altAttention altSpace, the aaa. Looking at all the altBollox the truth hidden can be seen. Why do the clowns want the prayer to stop now? After centuries of forcing the Herd onto its knees in their temples and the cathedrals. Millennia of worshipping numbers through commerce. Why?

In 1945, the poor slob who caught the last train out of nukeville only to stop over at the next nuking survived and he stumbled into the real economy. 64,000 years in the making.

Lamarckian Scalar Genetics