Thursday, 15 May 2014


Or religiokriminalintergenerationalirrationality as life style choice.

If there is one thing that can be said with certainty, mathematics and geography excluded, it is that the vector of human infection is a force for good.

Imagine oneself as Kapo, one is a force for good. One is law. Forget that one exists within a universe controlled by another. All that matter are that one is law within the confines of one’s free will action. One can bring into reality one’s own. One can imagineer. One will all within one’s imagineered good.

Look at the closed system of the labour camp, a sought after tool for the Yahweist criminal syndicate. The corporate criminal cabal that financed the slaver camps of the 3rd Reich are now running the same virus cages in USofA corp. Forget the reconquista USofA corp., the private jails will be opened on the day that the end is decided upon by the imagineering magicians. Just like in 1945.

Concatenation and scalability.

In ages passed it would take generations to bring the “known” world, that the sickness operated within, to the point of irreversible human change. Each time this was brought to pass the number of human beings involved in the killing zone of the Yahmoneyists increased and as always the catalyahweist remained to move onto another host or was prepositioned before hand as refugees and merchants.

Today it takes only a few years to accomplish that which took hundreds of years. Instead of hundreds of thousands dead the numbers will be in the tens of billions.

One Hundredth Monkey

Did Yahweh reveal itself to Moses? Or was Moses the hundredth moron? Could a psychocreep like Yahweh have unveiled its eviloid mission throughout the Earth on the same day? Was Yahweh the hundredth phukkedwitz? Was Yahweh a Kapo?

Whatever one believes it is the unsaid that points to the dusty secret caravan trails we should wander. Unscribe the untruth and examine the Apiru cru. Nothing is ever said about the north/south apart from sending back for wives from the closed gene pool. Lots and lots said about the east/west wanderings under cover of refugee status.

I wonder why? Are Apiru, Arabian servants of the clowns who invented Yahweh?

Swamping reality

If all one has to do all day is sit around killing people then one will succumb to the creation of one’s own reality. One will seek to destroy anything that smacks of real life or the true experience of humanity. One will create money and write nonsense, ensuring the records of the former are secret and the promulgation of the fiction are broadcast to drown all in unreality.

That is Imagineering.

Yahweh. Holohoax. Exopolitics.

Life style choices of the mentally ill deliberateselfdeluding, fat, debauched, indolent self perpetuating liar.