Saturday, 5 June 2010

Las rain to Clarkston

This is what we do. We are not born out of time.

Some times it is hard to realise this simple fact. We never were.

We navigate. In nothing.

We navigate in sunshine and shadow. Light bearing.

We do not stand still. Though others do not.

We have choice. We have no habit. They have habit and are not born.

We do not look back. Only an Angel might.

Habit is set in stone. For now.

We were created in the now with free will. No free will will separate the Gold.

We are mutable and error. Unmistakable in our joy.

Our love is very, very difficult. Our mark.

That is what we do. Not unknown.

Welcome all. As they welcome us.


Now that is settled. Can anyone tell me who has sold all the Admiralty maps to the ChiComms?

Go on then. Who owns the Corporations then?

Go on, gowan, gowan, gowan, GOWANN!!!!!!