Friday, 19 March 2010

For reasons out of our control this evening’s programme has just gone…

..out the window.

As I said "Bring it on".

It is a staggeringly small piece of shit, just like stone henge.

I’ve been out here looking for a number and I believe I’ve found it.

A number that is from their last completed census.

It has nothing to do with the future.


  1. I've come across the Georgia Guidestones before (probably through you :-) ) The ten messages make sense but not comfortable reading.

    Going back into my shell I'd say we have to clean up our own country first before we even begin to take a look at the wider world.

  2. GV it was as I was heading to Bedfordshire last night that I realised that these guys, you know my favourite bete noire the one's smoking in the BIG ROOM, they never ever do any looking forward. All their works hark back. So I reckon the number on the GeeGees tells us how many of them used to hang around before it went pear shaped a long, long while ago.

    As for our country, well to paraphrase an old song "Things can only get Bitter". As I look into the future I can see generations as yet unborn digging through the history books and looking at UKplc the way I used to look at the Portugues or Spanish, those guys usd to be somebody!

    Serendipity and synchronicity GV are they properties of the universal soul? In open your message just as I'm reading about toroise shells! Research for the next bit of outermuse.

    No wonder they are scared and working 24/7 to keep us distracted. 7 billions of us, and they know so few of them, which reminds me to get back on track with some real blogging.

    Cya(I liked that one GV).

  3. :-) told to me by one who is older than his years. As for the rest of it, I don't know who's more bonkers - you or me.

  4. GV to help place you on the scale of underpants on head, pencils up your nostrils moonjoossloocing.

    I am currently laundering my used cling film and ironing out some old Bacofoil.

    Can you beat that?



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